One of the things I love about open source- witty names!

A couple of days back, I was helping a friend upgrade to Ubuntu 14.04. Her terminal streaming with names of libraries and dependencies that it found and the ones it didn’t. Then I noticed there was a package called “whoopsie”. I think this is one of the things that makes open source fun- people get to goof around!

When I first heard of Rubocop- I was extremely amused by the name. Of-course, the amusement is soon overshadowed by the annoyance it brings every time it keeps telling you why your code is not correct. And I’ve heard a lot from this cleverly-named-sheriff lately. It is basically a Ruby static code analyzer. It makes sure that your code follows a set of guidelines outlined in the community Ruby Style Guide. Here’s a link if you want to know more about it.

And no less than 53 Rubocop offenses turned up while I was trying to work on issue #7864 (Exposed ports support). After bringing the number down to 10 (and making Daniel’s job to evaluate much much harder), I managed to put together support for exposed ports, and the code is being cleaned up before it can be merged. Port binding, of-course, will be the next step. For all those who read the last to sentences as Greek, look at it this way- you build a clubhouse with many secret passageways. However, you keep one passageway exposed so that it can be used for members of other clubs to visit (something like exposing the ports in the container). Now, you need to tell the other members where the exposed passageway is so it can actually be made functional (that’s where port binding comes in). This way, the containers can communicate among each other, and individual components of a whole architecture can sit in different containers.

After struggling with how versions of Fog and Foreman, #8226(Environment variables should be added at creation/runtime) was fixed. Although I couldn’t work on #7865(letting users configure DNS in the containers through the wizard) in the last week, it’s on top of my priority list for the coming week!


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