Gnome OPW – The Foreman!

Hi! I’m Vanya Jauhal. I’m a third-year undergraduate student in IIIT-Hyderabad, India.

I started contributing to FOSS and didn’t really know much about it. At first, even Github was confusing.  Talking on the IRC made me nervous- what if I ask stupid questions? what if I interrupt an ongoing conversation? Setting up the developer’s environment can be a total nightmare. I ran into error messages which looked like Greek. Maybe I wasn’t cut out for it…

Then I decided to be brave and approach the developers at The Foreman. I realized no questions were stupid and learned more and more from the community and playing with open source code seemed less and less scary each day. And before I knew it- it was actually fun. Foreman had a list of really interesting projects, but integrating Puppet Forge with Foreman intrigued me the most (Using this, users can directly search/import puppet classes from Puppet Forge. Puppet Forge comes with a nice REST based API, which can be exploited to let Foreman users directly search for puppet modules on Puppet Forge, and directly import it from Puppet Forge if they want). I managed to play around with Foreman quite a bit. I managed to come up with a few patches including adding a “Test” button to test LDAP connections, defining default role for ‘first-time log in LDAP users, etc.

But that was not it- I even got the opportunity to work as an intern at TheForeman for GNOME OPW Round 9. Yayy! And my internship officially started a few days back, under the guidance of Daniel Lobato García (eLobato). Daniel has been really helpful ever since I started developing for TheForeman.

Although, by the time my internship started, the puppet forge thing was already implemented. And now I’ll instead be working on docker integration with foreman.

I’m really excited to be given this opportunity. I hope to learn a lot of cool stuff from the community and contribute in whichever little way I can. And this blog will hold the updates of all the work I manage to do and all my goof ups. 🙂